Other ways of transportation is by ferry. The patients on board these ferries are carried to their intended destination by water rather than by air or by ground transportation. However, the transfer can certainly be carried out on ground or by air as well. The team behind such transport systems are one hundred percent devoted to improving the quality of care a patient receives as well as concerned for the safety of the transportation itself. While some companies do operate for free and are pro bono of sorts, most companies do end up charging the patient for use of their services. Generally, the patient will be billed through their insurance won’t normally see any out of pocket fees.

Flight for Life is one of the most popular versions of medical transport services, and they also happen to be a non-profit organization. The company has been in service since 1984 and boasts being able to serve over twenty-thousand patients to date. They have an in house staff, nurse, physician, and a pilot, and are in charge of operating two helicopters.

paramedics moving a patientWe don’t like to think of children being hurt or needing medical help, but there are also special medical transport services that cater to children should that service be needed. Children’s Flight of Hope is a non-profit that so generously provides free air transportation services both to and from various children’s hospitals for those with special medical needs. Another organization, Operation Liftoff, lends air travel for a child in need who is under the legal age of 18 as well as their parent or guardian. Much like Make a Wish, they offer services to children with life threatening illnesses.

These transport services do the great deed to providing their services to those who are not financially equipped to pay and the medically ill patients in the area both to and from the hospital when they need treatment, allowing for a speedier recovery.

The services offered by certain transport companies include intravenous administration of life-saving drugs, breathing machines, the ability to reverse the effects of a diabetic attack and drug overdoses. Some specialize in administering pain medication as well as dealing with life support for babies born premature.

Medical transport requires sophisticated and intricate communication systems and advanced dispatch software that can and will respond to an emergency call within seconds, every moment counts when dealing with emergencies. The vehicles used in these situations are state of the art and more advanced than the typical ambulance and are available to be used day or night. The staff and teams at these companies are also specialized in several different fields of medicine, so they can be prepared to assist a patient in need, no matter what injuries or medical issues they might have. They are always on call in order to be ready at a moments notice.