St. Maarteen – The Caribbean Gem

When it comes to island paradises, St Maarten may truly be considered the best of the best. St Maarten has a little bit of everything. Warm sandy beaches, hiking and biking trails, an abundance of wildlife and fish in the sea, and incredible food make this a destination to put at the top of your travel list.

Located in the Caribbean, the island of St Maarten is the smallest sea island that is divided between two nations: France and the Netherlands. This lends bits of both cultures to each side of the island – a unique quirk you are not likely to find anywhere else. True to most Caribbean nations, St Maarten has a tropical monsoon climate, lending to a dry season from about January to April, and a rainy season from August to December. Even with a little rain, it is still an ideal vacation spot year-round.

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What can you do while you are in St Maarten? What can you not do while you are there? You could stay on St Maarten for a week and still not do everything the island has to offer. Once you secure a vehicle via Car Rental In St Maarten there is not limit to the amount of actives you can get to on the island

Probably one of the easiest, most enjoyable activity for most visitors to St Maarten is going to the beach. There just happens to be plenty of sand-covered ground on the island to make a beach day happen. One of the best beaches on the island is Little Bay Beach in Philipsburg. Located just a short distance from the cruise terminal, Little Bay Beach offers the perfect beach-going experience for visitors and locals. Three restaurants dot the landscape here, making a quick bite to eat easy to grab without going very far. If you are looking for more than just soaking up sun, Orient Bay Beach may be more up your alley. At Maho Beach, you get more than just sand and pristine waters; incoming planes to the airport fly low over the beach.

Hiking trails are available on the island, as are several places where you can take in some of the natural beauty of St Maarten. The Butterfly Farm is a great place to spend an afternoon. See some of nature’s most beautiful creatures up close, but be sure you do not pick up a hitchhiker on your way out!

Seaside Nature Park is the perfect place to take a horseback riding tour, even riding through the water if conditions bluepermit. There is a reason why this is called on of St Maarten’s best kept secrets! Loterie Farm and Tinamarre Island are other great destinations to see during your trip to St Maarten.

St Maarten truly is a vacationer’s paradise. With everything there is to see and do, it is no wonder that this island nation is a major tourist and cruise destination. The sand, sun, and sea are all waiting for visitors to gorgeous, friendly St Maarten.