As troublesome as it may seem to think about, harsh injuries and medical conditions of a critical nature are just a part of our every day lives. Extreme circumstances often times depend upon the use of an air long distance ambulance service, or Flight for Life as some may call it. The style of aircrafts that are used for air transportation in the medical industry depends entirely on the distance of the flight from the scene to the hospital, as well as the current status of the patient.

air ambulance
Commercial aircrafts that are used for medical flights of a longer distance are leaders in speed and range. Planes of such a strong magnitude have the ability to fly and travel in less than favorable weather which allows for a safer and faster way to approach the next destination without compromising the conditions of both the patient and the medical equipment. Airliners have a reputation of being quick to dispatch, with an average rate of 90 percent. This means that they are among the most favorable means of traveling in terms of long distance air transport that’s currently available.

Air medical transportation services in terms of long distance has several advantages, one being in its ability to carry a larger number of people who are part of the medical personnel team. They can carry more equipment and also has enough space for a few of the family members of the patients. The advanced pressure and intricate electrical system that come with the environment with being on a plane offers the patient a superior level of comfort with some added options when it comes to the best state-of-the-art medical equipment. Without these features, which are essential, long distance medical care would be less than a possible option.


When choosing the best option when air medical transport might be required, the condition of the patient needs to be a top priority and must be taken into consideration on all levels. For those who need Advanced Life Support or Critical Care, the operator who is in charge of medical transport is trained well and has specialized in this type of field specifically, ensuring the patients and their families that they are receiving the best possible care.

The services that air ambulance companies provide for their patients include either door to door services or bedside to bedside for the patients who find themselves requiring a bit more medical care. Other amenities may also include transportation both to and from the ground on either side of every flight, giving the patients their medications and corresponding with family members, as well as the hospitals and insurance companies.